Frequently Asked Questions

When looking for a professional construction cleanup crew or an experienced team of cleaners that can keep your home or office tidy, it’s natural to have questions for the specialists you will be hiring. To make it easier for all our clients to find important information about us and our working methods, we here at Melendez Expert Cleaning created an FAQ page. If we neglected to mention anything important, let us know!

Q: How experienced are you?

A: Our dependable cleaning crew currently shares more than a full decade of hands-on industry experience. All our clients in Lakeland, FL can expect a completely professional service provided with high standards!

Q: What does a typical deep cleaning service entail?

A: Most deep cleaning services focus on the areas of the home or office that can typically be difficult to clean, hard to reach, or often overlooked. This could entail cleaning high shelves and cabinets, cleaning the exterior and interior of some appliances, sinks, basins, faucets, light, fixtures, picture frames, and much more. This type of service is fully customizable!

Q: Do I have to personally be at home when the cleaners arrive?

A: No. We completely understand that our clients have busy schedules and we don’t expect them to be present for every cleaning appointment. It is, however, necessary to provide us with means of entry to the property and make sure that any pets are kept in a secure location.

Q: Are you licensed?

A: Yes. Melendez Expert Cleaning is a fully licensed and insured company, so our clients can feel safe and comfortable hiring us!

Q: Do I get any say in how my property gets cleaned?

A: Absolutely! We want all our clients to be comfortable with our service and happy with the work we do for them. We’re prepared to adjust every service to properly suit their needs by accepting priority lists, working according to specific instructions, or finding substitutes for cleaning agents our clients have allergies to.

Q: How long does post-construction cleaning usually take?

A: The time it would take to complete a construction cleanup project can vary depending mostly on the size of the property. On average, it could take a team 1 to 2 days to clean an average-sized newly-constructed home. This averages to about an hour per 100-200 square feet. For a more precise time estimate regarding your specific cleaning project, contact us!

Q: Can I get an estimate?

A: Absolutely! We know how important it can truly be to have all the relevant information available before making a decision regarding a commercial or residential cleaning service. That’s why we always work with complete transparency and provide our clients with free estimates.

Q: When can I book an appointment?

A: Clients can schedule appointments during our company’s working hours by contacting us at (863) 296-2346. Upon contact, a friendly representative will provide answers to any inquiries and offer assistance with the booking procedure. We appreciate your interest!

Was this FAQ page informative? In case you have additional inquiries regarding the dependable cleaning services we offer in Lakeland, FL, be sure to let us know. We hope to hear from you!