Amazing Hospital Cleaning Services for You

When it comes to janitorial cleaning, hospitals and healthcare clinics face the hardest challenges. These places require daily, exceptional service that should be able to maintain a healthy environment for both patients and medical staff. Since your hospital is visited by patients who carry various microbes and bacterial infections, make sure to reach Melendez Expert Cleaning in Lakeland, FL for professional hospital cleaning services.

Our top-to-bottom healthcare facility cleaning services will create and healthy and germ-free environment for all the inhabitants of your hospital or clinic. From large downtown hospitals to small, local clinics, hospices, and other care centers, we provide the quality service the client needs. All our janitors have been trained and taught to implement only cleaning techniques that are 100% approved by the business’ regulations. We wipe, sanitize, and disinfect all the interior surfaces, as well as dispose of all the garbage and special medical waste. We know how to deep clean everything from floors, doors, windows, bathrooms, and even garbage cans to ensure everything stays clean and sterile.

Our professional hospital cleaners can perform general housekeeping tasks, such as cleaning the rooms, hallways, offices, and public areas, emptying trash, changing linens, and making beds. Although we know what thorough hospital cleaning plans encompass, we will comply with your specific checklist and requirements. Our diligent cleaning technicians will dust and polish all furniture, use high-quality vacuum cleaners to clean all carpets and floors, and specialized steam cleaning & disinfection equipment to kill germs and bacteria. To maintain a sparkling clean, sterile, and healthy environment for your employees and patients, call our experts right away. Our well-trained janitors will prevent cross-contamination and keep all your medical equipment and surfaces squeaky clean.

If you have any additional questions about our local services and work, call Melendez Expert Cleaning at (863) 296-2346. Our reliable and skilled janitors will be glad to assist you, we mainly operate in the Lakeland, FL proximity.