Our Examplary Mall Cleaning Solutions

The cleaning of a shopping center is no small feat. Countless things need to be taken into account when tackling large-scale malls with lots of traffic around the clock. Ensuring that floors, surfaces, restrooms, and windows are sparkling clean is not someone just any janitorial company can do. You need a true expert to handle your mall cleaning needs.

If you are in Lakeland, FL, you have the chance to work with one of the finest specialists in the area – Melendez Expert Cleaning. We are offering an array of commercial cleaning solutions among which is our exemplary mall cleaning service. If you want to make your shopping mall stand out, let our skilled janitors take care of everything instead of your regular cleaners.

We have a team of expertly trained and well-prepared sanitation experts who are able to provide you with an array of mall cleaning services that are tailored to your specifications. In addition, they are background-checked and insured for your safety and peace of mind. Our services include but are not limited to floor cleaning, window cleaning, parking area cleaning, elevator cleaning, and more.

We have been a trusted commercial cleaning contractor for many years now. All our technicians are equipped with top-shelf products and the best in cleaning equipment to ensure spotless results. We train our staff thoroughly and we are industry experts that honed their skills for decades.

Let our team in Lakeland, FL handle your local mall cleaning needs and rest assured knowing that the results will be outstanding. To book an appointment and get started, contact Melendez Expert Cleaning at (863) 296-2346. We will be happy to hear from you!