About Our Excellent Office Cleaning Service

Providing a clean environment is a key component of an effective organization. Cleanliness should be on top of your list when planning on property maintenance. You need to keep your brand trending and looking outstanding to attract new employees and clients. Let Melendez Expert Cleaning in Lakeland, FL help you achieve your objectives by providing you with its excellent office cleaning service.

Our professional office cleaning service includes vacuuming the carpets, polishing the floors, emptying trash cans and replacing bags, wiping clean and disinfecting door handles, wiping painted surfaces, dusting and polishing surfaces, spills spot cleaning, restroom sanitizing, kitchen area cleaning, cleaning of appliances, and more.

Did you know that regular office cleaning can benefit you in many ways? The average worker loses nine working days a year to sickness and some of these can be attributed to a lack of proper workplace hygiene. Typical office equipment carries up to 7 thousand bacteria at any given time! Viruses like flu can linger on unclean surfaces for over 24 hours. With our help, you can eliminate all of these possibilities.

Furthermore, our office cleaning services will help you create an environment that promotes increased focus, less time wasted, less stress, and greeted profitability. We have helped many businesses in Lakeland, FL keep their businesses successful throughout the years. Let us help you too! Contact Melendez Expert Cleaning at (863) 296-2346 to discuss your needs and get a customized solution. We will be happy to help you achieve your objectives and help you save money in the process.